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Tuesday-Thursday: 11AM - 8:00PM
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Since 2008


An authentic Greek restaurant with a love for great food that began some 60 years ago when our father immigrated to the United States from his native country Greece.

Aleko (Alex) was an orphaned Greek immigrant who came to the US in 1950, in search of a better life from his war ravaged home land Greece. He made his home in Washington DC and worked as the waiter of choice for President Eisenhower at the Occidental restaurant for many years. After marrying the woman of his dreams, Theoni (a 18 year old immigrant maid to an embassy family) they opened there first restaurant together on Riggs Road in Washington DC called “Alex’s Restaurant.” Aleko was a true connoisseur of fine food, he even taught his wife to cook, something unheard of in his time! Five children and 4 restaurants later they retired from the restaurant business only to leave a legacy to us, there Children. Hence, Aleko’s Village Café.

Our parents believed in the finest, homemade quality foods, that were affordable and always served as if you were coming in to our home. Our goal is to continue our parent’s legacy and provide you with an excellent experience second to none! We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Thank you! — The Tsinonis Family